Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hard Facts

At the point when my fingers start to type these words, they feel a kind of nostalgic feeling as well as a sense of guilty for abandoning this once enthusiastically travel-devoted blog aimed to share and not to deny boast a little at times some of the places that a young chap like me has the privilege to visit.

However, this time it's not another travel documentary that triggers those loyal fingers of mine to start tapping gracefully on the ever-exhausted keyboard, despite the fact that yes...from the last post till today, I've again had venture out farther...both physically and mentally. 

Ignore the former, let's focus on the latter. Why so? I would credit all mental nurturing I had throughout the past 10 months certainly to the things I've seen, smelt, heard, touched and felt. From the ever mouth-watering gastronomies to people who came and went by whom all left their signatures behind. From the new place I never thought I could set foot so soon to doing somethings which to others might seems trivial yet enormous for me being able be part of...all these has grown literally a bigger Ming Lee out of me also with the fact that I have crossed the 'Under-age' border last summer.

Got a feeling me trying to beat about the bush? Yes, you are absolutely right. Many episodes of my life did went by and rightfully sufficient to be compiled into a series and perhaps to few seasons shall there be any enthusiast viewers. Guess this place is not a stage to even post a summary or a trailer out of it. But I would really like to share some of my insight with you, my dear reader, about a Hong Kong Drama series which seems rather popular today especially among us medical students. (I put the blame to my colleagues who 'promoted' this movie and posted a link to watch it's terrible I know). The title of the movie is "On Call 36 Hours" in chinese or in english- "The Hippocratic Crush".

Definitely it's the title of the movie (chinese version) that caught my eyes and dug the curiosity out of me to click the 'play' button. Yes I did and I've never regretted doing so as I felt this drama has bring a whole lot of reality about Medical Life to the audience regardless whether you are the-profession related. Why so?

Let's ditch all those 'drama' and 'love-story'. Turn the light on to the practice of a Medical Personnel potrayed in it and you'll agree with me that being a 'Doctor', it's not just all about - "I want to help people and save alot of lives". Undeniably being one you could definitely got a chance to do so. BUT...there's always a 'but' as they always say. BUT only if the situations allow(if you have time watch Episode 4). 

I do not wish to touch on the fundamental requirement to be a doctor as that is prerequisite before one dare to claim oneself as a practitioner. I wish to share views on the 'How-to-Carry-Yourself' part. The actors in this drama clearly depicts that an hospital itself is a community. It comes with a starter- a mixture of people of different characters, personalities and perspectives, a team of friends and rivals developed over-time for the main-course and last but not least, a range of customers or patients in this case from all walks of life as dessert. For all working friends out there I bet you understand this scenario well. However, I would like to add that a hospital should has slightly different settings given the fact that it is not a usual work-place eg. to compete with one another in earning more commissions but in reality, it's still an arena of life where not only you need to do your part well, definitely you need to 'do well' with others just like any other working places to survive let alone to achieve your childhood aspiration as the superhero in saving the world. 

In societies nowadays, it's difficult to be the excellent or competent one as one will be despised for being arrogant and self-fish or you made it through 'relationships'. It's even difficult to be the lousy one to not only face the fact one will eventually be phased-out in this high flowing and dynamically demanding working condition but also be laughed our butt off. When you think to be just normal will be the solution, I would say you've given up your that very first aspiration aforementioned because you are just accomplishing your chores and not pursuing your dreams...simply because you can't. Not to praise this movie again but this 3 situations clearly played by the actors. Why? For being the best, you get 'red eyes' from your superior and juniors. If you don't start making smart move in pacifying them, you'll end up breaking loose of both end. Being the 'dumb' one could be dangerous as said but it's also a trick to stay safe if competency level would just be enough to make ends meet.

Obviously I'm being neutral here in commenting my thoughts. But I feel it's necessary for us as medical students not only to learn our books well throughout our studies but at the same time should pick up skills that are our older generation always say, 'something that cannot learn in school but only in society'. And as a person, if you are capable, do not shy and hide away but to make good use of it in a politically-correct manner. On the other hand if you think you can't, honesty is always the best policy. As for on-lookers, I always hold fast to the phrase and principle of, "Condemn when it is appropriate, but Praise when it's due" in making some contribution in a constructive manner. Yet, in this matter, it doesn't matter how good your grade is or how skillful are you in practical or how high your rank is, no one has yet being able to proclaim a "Professor" status on this as all are always a student themselves. Except you could be the Absolute-Genius, we all have to learn through the hard way. 

Long story cut short, we are humans after all. Most importantly, we need to be one with open heart and ready to learn and not just stay in our own world and always want others to compromise. Let us together make this world a better and more comfortable place to live in.

Oh, before I'll pen off, did I mention that I've got my next holiday plan set? Yes, kancil90 will be on the move again and hopefully am able to share more experiences here! If not, become my 'friend' in Facebook for pictures update. 

ps- here's the link to the drama I's a good it. =) 


Saturday, April 30, 2011

On the contrary...

Let's start the sentence again with ~ It has been so long, 3 months to be exact since I last updated my blog...again...succumbed by laziness that is thicker than 7 chapters of Harry Potter books put together and heavier than 10 kilos of cotton laid on you ~. Sound paradoxical? Depends if you look at the "10kilo" or "cotton"'s some weight when you put them together. =) Plus, if you would grew to the extent that I have yet to put up my winter holiday's trip I went in February to London and Dublin!

Apparently if you would read such a beginning in my travel should have already guessed, " this guy must have stayed at home and have so much time thinking of such lame joke and not been for travelling this time". are right. While almost everyone is taking the opportunity of the fine and sunny weather this year spring break offers to travel...apparently this travel nerd just stayed at home with an initial high spirit of get back to the study desk and get ready for school reopen which however instead spent most of his time on Facebook and watching Mr Bean comedies on Youtube. A little pathetic no?

Well, at least I did spend a good 30 minutes to write this blog. So some compliment will you? *claps claps*

Now this is more like it...thank you. =)

Ok...I am not going to crack your curiosity on why I opt not to go anywhere this time. Well, everything happens for a reason they say. It's also true in my case. Staying alone at home just doing nothing does up my level of becoming the King of Laziness. Despite that, I've had the chance to see more of my surrounding...although the time spent on it was just a small portion. It does give some enjoyment to share as people throw some admiration as I put these up on my facebook photo album :-

One of the Wawel Castle Tower

UNESCO World Heritage site...just a stone throw away

The garden...

So...with a camera in hand...I managed to capture few of these while I was wondering around while showing some guests these sights. As a consolation for myself I can home is just as beautiful too! Sometimes...we just don't realise what we have surrounding us as we are always busy on the look out and wondering for better things out there.

This period have also been a good serendipity for myself. One fine evening while I finally dragged myself out for a jog along the park surrounding the city...I find many colours of life too. Yes, I do felt the love in the air as couple by couple just cuddling up by the bench in the park...some just laid on the fresh green grass....gaze upon the great blue sky up there....with patches of cotton white clouds here and there lined with the golden ray from the evening sun....ah....and this point you must be triggered to say..."You are a lucky in Europe to see all this"....while I would say, " You are even more lucky than I don't have to be in Europe just to see can actually see these just from a distance of your own home sweet home" (okay, face the minus the couple cuddling part)...yet...the sun and the sky? Why not step outside and see what you find today?

Wait wait...chill..not now...I mean after finish reading this. The point is more vibrant that it seems to be. It's just we get to cramped with all the troubles of reality and hard facts of life that we have to face and we forgot to give ourselves a break. go for holidays for me is not too much a break actually...mind you, the planning and's not an easy piece of job if you wish to make a dream holiday yourself. In short...I am taking a break from my breaks. Ironic but true. Yet...certainly is worth all the work when you get to see what you want...I still look forward to more holidays coming soon. Hope everything goes well and SUMMER is here!

Till then....cheerios!